Amerigo Madness

Like Basketball?  Like showing that you are smarter than everyone else?  Don't know a thing about basketball and just like to pick teams?  Then this is for you!  Cooks, servers, managers, owners.  Everyone is invited to play!


This is a free contest with no entry fee and no prize.


We are doing the brackets on ESPN.  You can search for the group

Amerigo March Madness


or click on the following link:


Click Here


You will then have to sign into ESPN or create an account.  Once you are signed in, it will ask for a group password.


The password is:



Please use your name and your store for the name of your bracket so everyone can tell who is playing!

1 entry per person.

This is a contest for company wide bragging rights.  It is free to enter and fun to play.  There are no tangible prizes, just the pride of winning.

Please forward this to all staff members and post it as well.    All entries must be completed by Thursday morning at 11 am when the games start.

Good Luck!


Previous Winners

2018 - TheeDoranG

2017 - Chris Hill - Amerigo Cool Springs

2016 - Mark Leopold - Saltine

2015 - Chris Hill - Amerigo Cool Springs